Friday, March 27, 2009

Document Scraps

Document Scraps, are pieces of information that you generally cut or copy from your documents and are left unused on the clipboard. These document scraps can be very useful when you want to use any information repeatedly, in various applications.You can easily copy or select any piece of information from your document and drag or paste it on your desktop. It is saved as ‘Scrap’. You can then take this "document scrap" and paste it into another application – without even opening it up.

Just highlight the text you would like to copy. Drag it to your desktop (don't copy it, just highlight and drag). A "Document scrap" will be created on the desktop for you. They can be text or images.To use these document scraps, either double-click them to open, or drag them to where you would like to have them inserted into your document.

An effective use of this is when you use the same text over and over.How to use Document ScrapsFor example, maybe you have some information you occasionally e-mail to people and find it annoying to be constantly opening up your word processor and all the associated copying / pasting.Well, if you right-click the document scrap, and select "Copy" from the resulting menu, the info in that scrap is placed on the clipboard where you can paste into your e-mail message. You can even drag and drop the scrap directly to your E-mail body.

NB: This feature is supported in all OLE2 programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, Wordpad, MS Paint, Corel Word Perfect.

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